Monday - November 23, 2020

High Impact Facilitation Services

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High Impact Facilitation Services

Virtual or In-person 



You have responsibility for learning programs at your organization and you want or need to;


  • Create a more significant impact with improved outcomes than your ‘usual’ facilitators deliver
  • Leverage a more diverse team of highly qualified and experienced facilitators
  • Ensure that the key learnings of the program really stick with the participants
  • Ensure that the program is an engaging, energizing and motivating learning experience
  • Build a larger pool of trusted facilitators to deliver the program
  • Access high impact facilitators in response to short-term or unexpected demand
  • Ensure that your program doesn’t turn into a one way presentation of information which could have been done as a webinar  

Our Team Can Help



Dave Rowe

Dave is one of the most trusted facilitators in the professional services industry with more than 20 years of delivering high impact transformational learning experiences.   Dave has facilitated thousands of hours of (in-person and virtual) learning programs to all levels including the most senior executives  from 6 continents and more than 30 countries. 





Aicha Mosha







Sarah Pantuso



Let’s discuss how we might be able to best address your need.