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How Can You Be More Valuable

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How Can You Be More Valuable

How Can You Be More Valuable?

Fifteen years working at Deloitte instilled the ethos of adding value or ‘value-added’ to my very core. Having now branched out from under the security blanket that is a multi-billion dollar global organization, the concept of…


The text above was the start to the post I originally drafted to publish. I was pleased with it. I had some cool resources that I don’t think the majority of my network would know about that I was going to just give away. I did a little bit of shameless self-promotion and more ‘giving-stuff-away-for-free’ in the hope that some of you reading it would think ‘I think I want to engage Dave as a consultant or executive coach’. Job done. Or so I thought (said in a cheesy clichéd manner)……


I slept on it. (a very helpful work and life skill).


Re-read it and then decided to completely change it.


Why? Well, something appeared in my inbox that I’m not sure I could do any better at in terms of adding value. The thing that appeared was a physical manifestation of a technique I’ve personally used a number of times with great success. Write a book, check! (You’ll hear more about that later in 2016). Lose 25lbs, check! Redirect my career, check! To be clear, I have no affiliation with the project and won’t get any financial benefit from you getting involved. I’m just completely sold on the technique. FACT!


And what’s even better is that it is also an opportunity to support a really great organization that so far has built 329 schools and served 34,000 students in Ghana, Guatemala and Laos as they do their bit to tackle the global problem that 250 million children lack basic reading, writing & math(s) skills. Nice.


I’ll stop babbling and get to this month’s three encouragements that seek to add as much value as I possibly can in one blog.


Encouragement 1: Click here to go to a site that describes a tool (The Freedom Journal) to help you accomplish your #1 goal in 100 days.

This project is the byproduct of more than 1,200 interviews with successful people in business who shared one commonality – the ability to set and accomplish goals.  In the aftermath of New Years and all those best laid plans for resolutions (how are they working out for you?) why not try something different to accomplish your #1 goal in 100 days?


Encouragement 2:  Encouragement 2: Evaluate the cost versus benefit of buying the Freedom Journal.

$17 dollars gets you the digital copy (“a fillable PDF”) and $39 dollars get you both the digital and the snazzy hardback physical version.  I went for the $39 option – there’s a big difference in physically writing something down without the myriad of distractions that using a laptop etc. comes with.  And if those seem too steep (Really??!!), there’s a $2 option that gets you a digital copy of the first 30 days.


Encouragement 3: Invest in yourself!!!

Make yourself more valuable by investing time and money in YOU (go for the $39, I think you will thank yourself later – oh and a reminder, I am not affiliated with this at all) .  Oh and sorry to put you under the kosh but The Freedom Journal campaign ends at 10pm ET on February 5….. so you’d better hurry…..  And then encourage others to invest in themselves!


So how can you be more valuable?  Invest in yourself obviously – but also invest in others….. Work our what other people need and offer ideas or solutions that meet that need.  That’s what I tried to do here…. surely we all have one goal we’d like to accomplish??


Oh one last thing, if anyone is interested in seeing what the original blog was you can either click here and provide your contact info or send an email to contact@enlightened-leadership.co and we’ll send it to you directly.  Including it here would have made the post too long.


As a teaser, that post contained – my top 3 recommendations for ‘most value added’ websites (which turned into my top 5 in a corny attempt to demonstrate adding even more value), a way to enter a no-brainer competition to win 20 FREE hard copy books written by some of the most successful entrepreneurs, markets and celebrities, a way to get $190 worth of ‘stuff’ including two hard copy books from a podcaster for $20, a way to get 7 ebooks for any amount you want to donate, a specific encouragement that would allow you to be of value to others IMMEDIATELY and a random bit of music trivia (if that doesn’t clinch it for you, I don’t know what will) as well as more of my usual chatter – I told you I tried to make it as valuable as possible 🙂

Our next blog will be on 3/3 then 4/4, 5/5, and so on…

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