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How can you measure the ‘Return on Forgiveness?

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What Really Sank the Titanic?

Encouragement 1: Read the extract of the article below.

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Encouragement 2: Write down your “Forgiveness list.

The people in your life who, at this very moment, you’re holding some kind of grudge or bad feeling toward. Someone at work? Someone at home or extended family? It could be something significant like feeling betrayed or something minor that for some reason is festering in you. Why did that driver cut you off on the road today?


Encouragement 3: Decide which of your list you are going to forgive this week and forgive them!.

Maybe this involves a conversation with the person, maybe it doesn’t. Whatever ‘forgiveness process’ you use, observe the impact it has in your life. Leave a comment here about it and perhaps we’ll find some trends that will allow us to measure the return on forgiveness.
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“There are many moments in life where you feel like the rug was pulled from under you, or when someone shares a ground-breaking perspective on life that you’ve never considered. These moments come from the people around us, but also from within. A lot of the time, doing your own personal reflection can also help reshape the way you see the world and how you want to show up by asking yourself the tough questions. For Dean Smith, his tough questions were “What can I create, how can I create it, and how will it serve others?”

Dean is our newest Man Of The Week and boy does he an incredible and powerful story. A man who believes in being of service to others, showing love and support for those around you, and forgiveness being critical to his success. A man who’s weathered his fair share of life’s storms…


Age: 42 years old
What do you do? (Work)
Keynote Speaker / High-Performance Coach / Minister
Why do you do it?
There’s nothing more fulfilling than helping someone discover a new possibility for their life. For many years I lived “survival focused.” I internally asked, “why me?” My life changed course when I began asking, “What can I create, how can I create it, and how will it serve others?” My purpose, passion, and fulfillment is found in utilizing all my life’s experiences, challenges, and successes to serve others.


What are 3 defining moments in your life?
– In sixth grade, the day my mom was murdered was a day that changed my life forever. That day birthed my biggest life challenge, but it also was the beginning of the revelation to the deep truth that all things can work together for good.
– 2004 – The day that I decided in the inner-most part of my heart that divorce with my wife, Molly would not ever be an option again. I had considered it many times over the first two years of marriage and at one point decided I didn’t love her AT ALL anymore. After taking the divorce option off the table, I was forced to find solutions. I can honestly report that it was the beginning of an intense relational healing process and we’ve never been happier as a couple. We have two beautiful children that are a constant reminder of the rewards of fighting through the tough times in marriage.
– 2009 – I stood on a stage in front of hundreds of people, talking about my forgiveness journey. Toward the end of my talk, I invited the man who murdered my mother up on stage……
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