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What Pulls On Your Heart Strings?

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What Pulls On Your Heart Strings?

What Pulls On Your Heart Strings?

I’ve had to write this month’s post in advance. Why? Because 12/12 is supposed to be the day that my wife and I welcome a newborn into our family. Will it have arrived by the time I publish this? Good question. But perhaps an even better question is what impact will the new arrival have on our lives? What kind of rollercoaster of emotions will we go through?


We probably all have friends who’ve had challenging experiences in the ‘giving birth process’ – some much worse than others. I can only hope that this new addition will have a smooth (excuse the pun!) arrival into the world. Significant life events like childbirth put things into perspective – what’s truly important. So why is it that after some time passes we seem to forget that perspective, get bogged down with the minor things, or over react to seemingly irrelevant situations? And why is it that the miracle of childbirth can sometimes be overshadowed by the unfortunate scenarios that can come with it?


The answer may be in our habits of thinking. But how do you get a good sense of the habitual processes of your thoughts? Funny you should ask….. If you’ve got a spare 15 minutes you can get a free snapshot of where your habits of thinking may or may not be as balanced as they can be. This month’s encouragements will give you the details.


Encouragement 1: Go to this link and spend 15 minutes to complete a very different kind of assessment tool.

 It’s free. There’s no obligation. It just involves two ranking activities and as soon as you put in your email address you get access to the results immediately.


Encouragement 2:  When you look at your results report, try to find one specific result that resonates with you as being accurate.

There are six areas (or “qualities”) being assessed and each area has six measurements.  [Counting on fingers]…. that makes 36 different measurements.  See if you can find one that makes you think ‘yup, that’s me’.


Encouragement 3: When you look at your results report, try to find one specific result (measurement) that you don’t think is accurate.

There are a few things you can do here – you can dismiss the measurement or the whole thing entirely, or you could ask someone who knows you whether they agree with the measurement, or you can get in contact with us at Enlightened Leadership Consulting (email : website : and we can talk through it with you (again, for free!).


What pulls on your heart strings? Sure, photos like the one I shamelessly used to get you to read this post or momentous life changing events do the job.  Or watching someone else’s misfortunes like in those home video shows where sooner or later someone’s ‘sensitive zone’ gets kicked (or worse!) can tug on your emotions.  But what about the smaller things?  Give me 15 minutes and I’ll give you the world – well, maybe not the world and you actually don’t need to give me the 15 minutes – that’s yours to keep 🙂  And you get a snazzy report to look at!


See you in 2016 – they’ll actually be a post on 1/1.

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