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Three Tips to Get Through Next Busy Season

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Three Tips to Get Through Next Busy Season


Tax Season?  Done.  Audit Busy Season?  Done.

These two periods of time alone impact millions of people.  Families, friends….. even fun appears to go out the window…… to a galaxy far far away.  “Thanks for the invite but I’m afraid it will have to wait a month or two” becomes an all too frequent phrase in people’s conversations.


But, managed to get through them, we did.  We’re on the other side.  Just like yesterday was May the Fourth.  It’s history.  What matters now is how we respond.


This month’s blog is an attempt to give you some tools to get through the next busy season.  Make sure you stick around for the third tip below!  These may be the tips you’re looking for 🙂


Encouragement 1: Plan ahead

Get super organized ahead of time – figure out which commitments you want to make sure you don’t miss.  Given enough time almost anything can be managed.  Inform your teams, your supervisors.  Make it so.  Even the construction of the Death Star allowed for certain leaders to still make their children’s birthdays 🙂


Encouragement 2: Plan something for the end of busy season

A team event or celebration – a vacation.  Create your own light at the end of the tunnel.  Give yourself something to look forward to that motivates you when the hour is late and you’re wondering “How much longer can I keep doing this?”.  Even Sith Lords look forward to something.


Encouragement 3: Use the Fourth

If you said to yourself “this is the last time I’m doing this” during your busy season a few too many times for your liking then make it the last time.
Storytime – I remember very clearly the audit engagement I was working on when I made the decision.  There were four or five of us around a table in ‘the audit room’ and I was reviewing some management information around sales and manufacturing of cameras.  Something clicked – and it wasn’t a camera.  I knew that day that I would start the search for something else that more closely aligned with what I felt I was actually on the planet to do.  Not that I even knew what that was at that time.  I just knew it wasn’t this.


To make matters worse, I was still fairly junior – still in the ‘exceed everyone’s expectations and maybe they’ll promote me sooner or give me one or two extra percent pay rise/bonus’ bucket.  Who could I tell that I had had enough of this job that was robbing me of my soul?  A couple of people it turns out – but I only stumbled across them  by chance.


The point is this – if you felt like this really is the last time – it’s you that now has a choice to make.  Now that you’re out of the quagmire (or garbage compactor!) of the busiest of times, are you going to put a plan into action or coast along allowing the great healer that is time to wash away the memories of the worst of times allowing you to forge new memories of ‘it wasn’t that bad’ only for the cycle to repeat itself next time around.


My vote?  Leverage the same ‘force’ that got you through this busy season to get you on a different path before the next one.  Focus (Luke) on what’s inside you and what’s going to make even better use of your unique talents.


Make every day be YOUR May the Fourth.  Your Time is Now!
Our next blog will be on 6/6 then 7/7, 8/8, and so on…

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