Tuesday - July 07, 2020

Begin A New Life Today!

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Begin A New Life Today!

Today you can begin your new life! We’ll get to the ‘how’ later….. But if you are anything like me, you’ve suffered from the disease of procrastination at some time or other. You’ve probably found that you can treat milder cases of procrastination with an IV drip of support from trusted advisors and more than a few late nights of ‘intense recovery’. Just such a treatment program has led up to this moment. The day I launch a business….. An LLC no less, or even ‘ELC’….. Enlightened Leadership Consulting.


You can probably imagine the excitement (and trepidation) that I’m feeling at the prospect of embarking on a new adventure (also known as ‘scary journey into the unknown’). For me, the decision was made to get out from underneath the safety blanket that was a 15 year career in a global professional services firm with all the trimmings that had with it. To jump into, well, a global professional services firm. Albeit one with (currently!) an infinitesimally smaller global revenue stream, client base and future pipeline.


Today I begin a new life! That phrase actually shows up in a couple of books that have been highly influential in the creation of Enlightened Leadership Consulting. If you want to find out which books, please contact us….. (and please forgive the intentionally shameless attempt to increase online traffic!)


Today I begin a new blogging life! Never done blogging before but have a content plan lined up and a release schedule mapped out (7/7, 8/8, 9/9, 10/10 – you get the idea) that will hopefully avoid any confusion of US or UK date format. That planning will maximize the likelihood of it actually becoming a habit and hopefully becoming a regular part (dare I say, ‘habit) of your life. Every month we will include and encourage three simple actions for you to read, reflect on and react to. This month’s encouragements to help you begin a new life……


Encouragement 1: Write down three life-habits you wish you already had.


This could be anything personal or professional. From daily teeth flossing to weekly family phone calls to monthly meetings with a mentor at work or anything that you wish was just part of how you live. It’s been said that dreams become goals when you write them down. So actually write them down somewhere where it will be easy to find them again in the future.


Encouragement 2: Select one of those habits to implement.


Draw a circle around the habit that you feel would be the easiest to implement and that would enhance your life the most. Chances are that ease-to-implement and life-enhancement characteristics are not proportionately related. So you may need to do some internal reflection on cost-benefit to determine the optimal one.


Encouragement 3: Begin your new life today!


Commit to doing the habit today and the next three days/weeks/months etc. They say that doing something consistently 21 times will instill it as a habit. But ‘they’ also say that the only way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time. So just commit to today and three more to start with to see how it goes. One quick tip to do this is to determine what precise time of day you are going to do it. Put it in your your diary if needs be. Your old life without that habit is over!! You have has just begun a new life.


Today you (hopefully) began a new life! This also encapsulates some of the mentality of our target clients (whether that be corporations or individuals). Those who are ready to make a change. And who want that change to create an impact, last longer than just initial enthusiasm, add value and build upon your core philosophies whatever they may be.


So if you – or any contact or any company you know – may be interested in beginning a new life, or a new chapter, or even just trying something different to get different results (what’s that Einstein quote about insanity?), we would be honored to figure out how we may be able to best serve you. And if you’re thinking ‘This all sounds very well, but what is it that Enlightened Leadership Consulting actually does?’, well, we make one more encouragement for you to browse the information in the website and get in touch if something resonates.


We look forward to the opportunity of helping you begin your next new life!

Contact us to discuss how we might be able to best address your needs