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How Do You See Yourself?

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How do you see yourself

How Do You See Yourself?

It’s been said that ‘we’, which includes ‘you’, are your own harshest critic.  Well, not today!  You’ll find no balance in this month’s post.  There’s a time for pluses and minuses, pros and cons, strengths and weaknesses and that time is not today.


How do you see yourself? I am not best equipped to answer that question.  But I will attempt to equip you with an answer as to ‘how’ you see others;
  • The human eye can distinguish 10 million colors.  That’s a lot!
  • With eyeball rotation, horizontal field of view is 270 degrees! Not quite owl-like, but still!
  • The human eye can detect a luminance of one hundred trillion (It’s ok, I had to Google luminance too!)
  • The diagram of a human eye on Wikipedia shows 44 different components
  • Ophthalmologists typically take four years of training after medical school to be sufficiently knowledgeable about the eye


The point is this.  Without any effort, you use a part of your body to see other people, that is so complex, so sensitive and so special that it’s really a miracle how it all works.  But how often do we take it for granted?  I’m sure blind people or those with challenges with their vision could help us gain a different perspective.
You use that miraculous organ of your body to see other people.  And that’s just one aspect of you.  What’s stopping you from remembering just how unique and special you are?  What’s stopping you from treasuring your gifts?
This month’s three encouragements are an attempt to remind you of how great you really are.s


Encouragement 1: Write down the three best things about you!


I’m going to be a little assertive here.  Your kids don’t count.  Your job doesn’t count.  Your bank balance doesn’t count.  Your significant other doesn’t count. Your house or other belongings don’t count. What are the three best things about you as a person?


Encouragement 2:  Identify three people in your life who you consider to be on ‘your team’.


Could be friends, family workers, colleagues.  Three people who are your cheerleaders.  People who’ve been there for you in the past.  People who’ve got your back…. who see the best in you!


Encouragement 3: Ask those three people to each write down what they think are the three best things about you.


Remind them of the ‘rules’ – no to kids, jobs, money, family, and friends.  What do they think are the three best things about you as a person?  Ask them to email it, or write it in a letter.  Anywhere where it will be easy for you to keep hold of them.



So, how do you see yourself? The truth is probably not that well.  Even when we look in a mirror we’re actually see the reverse (aka ‘mirror’) image of us – that’s not what others see.  Perhaps that’s why most of us struggle to find a photo of us that we like or don’t really enjoy watching ourselves in videos.  Because we’re not used to seeing ourselves as others see us.  And maybe its for that reason we should ask for others’ help in determining how we actually see ourselves.

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