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Interview Prep

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Interview Prep



You have a big interview coming up and, perhaps you;

  • Highly suspect that you will get a hard interviewer and you’ve not had much experience dealing with someone like that
  • Desperately want to present the best version of yourself that you can
  • Don’t know how many more chances you will get to interview after this one
  • Worry that your nervous energy on the day will impact your performance
  • Don’t know how to be ready for the unexpected
  • Are not sure what questions will trip you up


I worked for the global consulting firm Deloitte for 16 years (in the UK and USA) before setting up my own consulting business in 2014.  While at Deloitte I interviewed countless number of people from all backgrounds and also trained other interviewers to be effective in their role as interviewer including how to be a challenging interviewer.

Since setting up my own company, I’ve been fortunate to work with people in a variety of different fields (medical, legal, accounting, consulting etc) and have felt honored to be able to help people get ready for interviews.  I want to be transparent.  While we can definitely do some ‘soft ball interview’ prep my goal will be to stretch (and maybe panic) you, hopefully so that you’ll feel ‘more’ comfortable reacting to a hardened interviewer.

I make no claims, assurances or guarantees as to you being successful in future real interviews.  Only that I will do whatever I can to get you as ready as I am able to.

I also makes no representations or warranties with respect to your fitness for any specific position and/or likelihood of achieving any specific result.  Only that I will work with you, wherever you are in life and do whatever I am personally capable to do to prepare you as best I can.


If this of interest to you, here’s what you can expect to experience throughout the process.

At least 72 hours prior to the Mock Interviewing and Mock Interviewing Debriefing session, interviewee provides;

    • Resume that was provided to the upcoming/most recent real interviewer
    • Personal Statement that was provided to the upcoming/most recent real interviewer
    • Any other information about the interviewee that was provided to the upcoming/most recent real interviewer
    • Any information the interviewee been provided about the interview process from the upcoming/most recent real interviewer

3 hours of in depth preparation (included in the total fee) by me based on the information provided as outlined above.  

A 90 minute Mock Interviewing and Mock Interviewing debriefing sessions that comprises;

    • Mini role plays (3-5 mins each)
    • Debriefs of mini role plays
    • Effective communication strategies
    • How to handle challenging questions
    • Learning what interviewers don’t want you to know about interviews
    • One of the biggest secrets about interviews
    • Q&A


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