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Reach Your Summit

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Reach Your Summit

You don’t have to be a mountain climber to read this article.  You don’t even need to have been to one of those indoor rock climbing facilities.  All you actually need to have is a few minutes.  But be warned, reading this article may lead you to take more steps along the climb to reaching your summit.


I’ll see if I can drag this metaphor on for longer.  We all have our mountains to climb. We have all the gear (even if we have no idea).  We have the ability to scale those climbs.  But do you have the perseverance to keep going when you hit a bump in the road?


What do you do when the storm clouds start forming in your life?  What do you do when your fellow climbers who’ve been by your side start saying ‘I can’t go on’? What do you do when the path ahead appears as if it’s only for the most experienced climbers? – like those chaps who free climbed El Capitain in Yosemite National Park (


Perhaps most importantly, what do you do when that voice inside your head or the feeling in your body is telling you ‘you’re not going to make it’?


This month’s primary goal is to encourage you to just take one more step – no matter how small.  One more step to make progress. Winston Churchill’s famous quote ‘Never give in. Never give in. Never, never, never, never—in nothing, great or small, large or petty—never give in…..’ perhaps doesn’t address the ‘Why not?’.  The answer we at Enlightened Leadership Consulting ( would offer is ‘If you never give in, you will succeed!’ Just keep going, persist until you succeed, because if you do, you will one day reach that summit.  So ‘keep going’ with reading this article for this month’s three encouragements



Encouragement 1: Take one action towards achieving one of your long standing objectives.


This could be a career move that you’ve put to one side because of all the other stuff you’ve got going on.  A relationship that you’ve either wanted to pursue personally, mend professionally or dissolve respectfully.  It could be financial – exploring options for retirement savings or having that difficult conversation at work about your current compensation.  Whatever it is, take one action, one step and make progress.  Even if it leads to two perceived steps backwards you’re still moving and Winston would say ‘you’ll get there eventually’.


Encouragement 2: Take stock/inventory on what you have accomplished (or not) regarding the habits and sparkles encouragements from the last two articles.


Apologies for new readers, but it’s now been 2 months and 2 days since the article encouraging you to implement a new habit.  (  And it’s been 1 month and 1 day since the article encouraging you to both sparkle more and help others sparkle more (  How have you done?


Encouragement 3: Take one action with respect to those habits and sparkles encouragements.


If it’s your first action, that’s fine.  If you are doing great with the habit implementation,  congrats!! – maybe now take one action to implement another habit.  Or maybe things went slight off track and sparkles weren’t top of mind.  In this moment, right now, it’s very probable that the only person who giving you a hard time about it…. is You! So accept it, forgive yourself if necessary and take one action.



May as well end this article with the ‘flogged-dead horse’ climbing analogy! The summits that you have thought about in this article may not have been the Everests or K2s in your life.  And that’s fine.  For climbs like that, it makes complete sense to have a team to support you.  And we at Enlightened Leadership Consulting ( would be honored to help you scale that vertical cliff face that may be present in one aspect of your work/life and help you reach your summit.

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